is a central “go-to” events platform for every organization in Key West, if you are looking for greater marketing, we can provide your organization with your very own and customized online calendar. If your non-profit organization is not supported by the TDC, we will work for you at no charge.


At, we have a group of volunteers who are eager to assist you with your tech needs. Our goal is to assist organizations like schools, clubs, associations, PTAs, etc that may have struggled with marketing in the past trying to raise money for a good cause.

You can use the “KLIC for Events” calendar to advertise your organization, raise money, and also to email various mailing list subscribers. You can also add donors to the mailing list, receive donations, and charge for tickets. The possibilities are endless! You can list your events in different categories like; Arts, Fundraisers, Public information, Kids, Happy hour, Dinners, Sales, Sports, and more.

Event attendees and event organizers will appreciate having this easily accessible information at their finger tips. Furthermore, sponsors will donate more money to have their business highlighted. “” is diligent, innovative, and flexible. We will work with your organization from start to finish and exceed your expectations. If you all need help, we can also input your events for you as well as post on your social media accounts. We prioritize your success and hope to create a long lasting relationship.